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When there is a season of viruses and colds, we like to reach for honey – pot full of health.

When there is a season of viruses and colds, we like to reach for honey – pot full of health. Honey contains a variety of nutrients and is rich in antioxidants. Start enjoying it daily and you will soon discover its positive qualities yourself.

In order to make it easier for you when choosing the right pot of honey, we have described different types of HoneyHouse honey and the associated good properties of their use. Our HoneyHouse honey products are 100% natural made in Slovenia. We offer you a piece of nature steeped in tradition and knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation for years.

Among the various types of honey, flower honey is the most well-known. 100% natural HoneyHouse floral honey is a classic treasure of nature that should not be missed in any kitchen. Not even in yours. 😊 It can be used as a sweetener, as a natural remedy against allergies, and it also may strengthen heart and blood vessels.

Chestnut honey has a beneficial effect on insomnia and helps speed up digestion and may improve liver function. It could be used for anemia, fatigue and insufficient nutrition. It can be minor or floral in origin, so it comes in several minor brown colors. Chestnut honey has an intense flavor that leaves the bitterness of the herbs. Chestnut honey is also popular in cuisine, and due to its aroma, it is also used for homemade pastries.

Linden honey contains antiseptic ingredients, so it will be your best companion in helping overcoming colds, various respiratory problems, insomnia (tip: add it to the bath before bed) and loss of appetite. Linden honey contains mild sedative agents, so it can be used to calm tense nerves. It is characterized by a unique taste of linden flowers and an aroma very characteristic of linden flowers, menthol or herbs.

Forest honey, treasure trove of mineral substances and minerals has manna and floral origin. We are sure that the specific taste will delight all honey lovers. Also you😊. Forest honey has the smell of resin, wood and herbs. It contains a lot of mineral substances and minerals, so it is said to increase the hemoglobin in the blood, it may strengthen the heart and blood vessels. It is also recommended after surgery, inflammation, urinary tract disease, pregnant women and more.

100% natural Fir honey, highly valued honey collected from the mana smells of resin and brandy and tastes sweet and menthol. Fir honey is rich in minerals and is used for anemia, respiratory diseases, colds and flu. It is also popular in culinary circles and we are sure that it will convince every gourmet.

Acacia HoneyHouse honey is 100% natural royal honey, characteristic by light color with a scent of acacia flowers. It is known for its beneficial effects on kidney and liver function. It could also help with stress, heartburn and regulating digestion.

In our rich honey collection, you will also find other sweet natural, honey products – creamy honey, liqueurs and other premium honey specialties. Do you have a sweet tooth? Take a look at our selection of honey sweets.