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Privacy Policy

The company AERTON d.o.o. as the manager of personal data on the website respects the privacy of its customers and website users, therefore we handle personal data carefully, responsibly, cautiously and in accordance with the applicable regulations in the field of personal data protection in the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union. The privacy policy determines how the data manager, in terms of the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation, collects and processes personal data and other data about users. By using the website and by registering a user profile and/or making a purchase in the online store, you accept the general conditions and this privacy policy and confirm that you have read them and agree to their use. These rules also determine the rights of users in relation to their personal data. Only authorized employees and contract processors have access to the data of website users, within the scope of the purposes for which the personal data were collected. Access to personal data is limited exclusively to the scope and purpose necessary for the smooth implementation of work processes, the implementation of the sales process and the purpose of marketing in accordance with the given consent.

  1. 1. Information about the operator
    Name: AERTON production, services and trade d.o.o. (hereinafter: operator or seller)
    Abbreviated company: AERTON d.o.o.
    Address: Ptujska cesta 6, 2230 Lenart v Slov. goricah
    Phone number: +386 40 477 473
    Registration number: 2271621000
    Tax number: SI58097970
    Date of entry in the business register: 21.2.2007
    Business accounts and bank: SI56 0313 2100 0352 063 (opened 23.11.2010, SKB d.d.)
  2. 2. Categories of personal data and purposes of processing
  3. The controller processes personal data based on the user’s consent, and without consent for the purpose of executing the contract, based on legitimate interest or for the purpose of fulfilling legal and statutory obligations.

Website visit
When visiting the website of AERTON d.o.o. collects data originating from the use of the website based on the legitimate interest of providing services, security and improving the user experience. For this purpose, the following data are processed: reference page, date and time of access, amount of data transferred, download status, type of web browser, IP address and its associated location, device ID, its technical parameters such as operating system, version, resolution of the screen, the selected browser and its version, as well as data obtained from cookies and similar technologies for device recognition, language. This data is processed in an anonymized form and for a maximum of 36 months.
With the help of the IP address, we enable the user to access our website, and through cookies we determine the number of visitors to the website, individual contents and offers, adjust the offers, and use the data for the purpose of improving the operation of the website and the operator’s services. Cookies make it possible to save the user’s selection in the shopping basket when visiting the website again, to remember the user’s login using a specific device on our website and not to require re-entering the username and password (this data is stored for a maximum of 1 month) and for identifying given consents. Cookies help to ensure security and prevent abuse, to identify and correct errors, improve the website and the website itself. If you have cookies disabled on your browser, it is possible that the website will not work as it should.
When we no longer need the user’s IP address for this purpose, we shorten it by removing the last octet of the IP address, which we use to improve the quality and services of our website by analyzing user behavior. After a certain time, this data is permanently deleted (see list of cookies).

Electronic messages and SMS messages
If the user gives consent to receive e-mails to an e-mail address or SMS messages to a phone number, in connection with reading our messages, the operator collects and processes the following data: time required to open the message, data about the device from which you access the Internet ( IP address, location, device ID, operating system and its version, screen resolution, browser and browser version). This data is processed on the basis of the given consent and for the purposes of the controller’s legitimate interest in processing user requests, improving the user experience, and adjusting the offer. For this purpose, data is stored for a maximum of 3 months or in accordance with the given consent or in accordance with legal requirements or in the case of legal proceedings, until the proceedings are concluded.

User account
The website visitor can register on the website and thereby create his user account. For a better user experience in the online store, it is recommended that the user register. This gives you control over your personal information and passwords, past orders, favorite products, saved shipping and billing addresses. With registration, the user’s identification and contact data, settings and order data are processed for the purpose of implementing the contract, which is concluded simultaneously with the registration of the user account. Data is also processed on the basis of the legitimate interest of the controller, for the purpose of website operation, ensuring security, adjusting offers and improving services. Data based on registration are processed for the duration of the contract or the existence of a user account, which can be deleted at any time.

The registration process takes place via the online store, when purchasing a product, namely by the visitor entering their personal data (name, surname, street, postal code, city, telephone number, email address, in the case of a company or s.p., additionally the name of the company and ID for VAT) and mark the appropriate purpose for which you allow the use of your data (I want to receive e-news for commercial purposes by e-mail, by SMS, by mail) and mark “create an account”. The username is the same as the email address. The user receives the login password to his email address after confirming the login and completing the order. Before placing an order, the user confirms that he is familiar with the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, which also describes the user’s rights regarding the protection of his personal data. The password is secret and known only to the user, who is also obliged to protect it from unauthorized use. Within the user account, the user can edit his consents regarding the purposes of processing his personal data. You can withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time, and the withdrawal is effective for the future.

During registration, in addition to the data that the individual enters himself, data that is processed when visiting the website is also processed.

The company AERTON d.o.o. processes such personal data in order to provide the user with the functionality of the user account, to manage your account, for the needs of preparing marketing materials, as permitted by applicable law, and to analyze the user’s interests for marketing purposes.

If at any time the user wishes to replace any of the personal data or delete his user account, the request for replacing the data or To delete the user account, send it to The user will be notified by e-mail about the change of data and the deletion of the user account. Change or the account will be deleted during the day or the next day at the latest.

Purchase in the online store

If a user orders a product through our website, the operator AERTON d.o.o. collects and processes the following personal data: name, surname, street, postal code, city, telephone number, email address, in the case of a company or s.p. and additionally the company name and VAT ID, and in relation to the purchase, the type and quantity of products, price, method of payment, bank account number, order date, order status, return of products and customer requirements regarding the assertion of material defects or warranty. When making a purchase on the website, in addition to the data that the individual enters himself, data that is processed when visiting the website is also processed. If the user already has a registered user account on the website, the data from the user account can also be used during the purchase.

We process the following derived data from data about items you purchase, data about online habits and reading messages you receive from us: gender, age, financial situation, consumer habits, attitude towards various items and services.

The company AERTON d.o.o. collects such personal data for the purpose of processing the order, protecting our legal claims and fulfilling legal obligations and sending customized offers if the user gives consent to receive further information via the selected channel (email, SMS messages, postal address). It is therefore the exercise of a legitimate interest based on the conclusion and execution of a contract with the user and a legitimate interest for the purpose of protecting legal claims, monitoring the provision of services, improving the user experience and services and adjusting the offer and for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations. The data is used to complete the online order, communicate with the customer, pay for goods and services, deliver the order, make complaints, and handle other customer requests. For these purposes, data is processed for the time that is absolutely necessary for the processing and performance of contractual obligations and in accordance with the legal requirements for the fulfillment of legal obligations (10 years plus the current year) and limitation periods (5 years and 1 year after the expiration of this period ) or, in the case of a court dispute, until the dispute is concluded. For other purposes, personal data is processed for a maximum of 6 months or in accordance with the consent given. If the user does not agree to the processing, he can exercise his rights, as explained in the chapter on user rights.

Purchase in store

In the case of a purchase in a store at the operator’s address, footage from the video surveillance camera system that can record you is processed. In this case, the data is processed on the basis of the legitimate interest of the controller, with the aim of protecting property and persons located in the store or its surroundings. For this purpose, the data is kept for a maximum of 2 months.

Prize games

If the user participates in the prize game, the operator AERTON d.o.o. collects and processes the following personal data: name, surname, postal address, e-mail address, date of entry, selection of the winner, prize, answer to the question. The company AERTON d.o.o. processes such personal data in order to be able to organize the prize draw, announce the winner on the website or social network (where the prize draw took place) and notify him, hand over the prize to him, conduct the event and for marketing purposes, if the user gives his consent for such a purpose . Personal data is processed on the basis of consent given for participation in the prize draw, for the duration of the prize draw and in accordance with legal requirements. Data is used for marketing purposes if you have given your consent for this purpose. If the user does not agree with the processing of personal data, you can exercise your rights, as explained in the chapter on user rights.

Processing of personal data for the fulfillment of legal obligations

The controller may process the user’s personal data for the purpose of fulfilling its legal obligations. This mainly includes:

  • – processing data on payments for services to fulfill tax and accounting obligations and
    – disclosure of information required by authorities, including courts, based on and within the scope of generally applicable provisions.

Features of Social Media and Third Party Payment Service Providers

The website uses functions of social networks and payment service providers operated by third parties, such as Facebook, Instagram, PayPal, etc. These functions may a.) collect data (name and surname, email address, telephone number, postal address, date of birth, payment information – credit/debit card number, expiry date, CVV/CVC number and cardholder name, IP address , the pages you visit on our website) and b.) may set cookies or use similar technologies that enable the proper functioning of individual functions. If the user is logged in to his user account with a third party, the third party will be able to connect data about his visit to our websites with his user account. Similarly, the user’s interactions with these features may also be recorded by a third party when visiting the operator’s Facebook or Instagram page. An individual’s interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the third party providing the feature. To learn more about the third party’s collection and processing of personal data, please read their privacy policy.

Links to other websites

The website may contain links to other websites operated by third parties. We caution you to review the privacy and security policies of those external websites when visiting these links. In any case, the user should check the privacy policy of these external websites before providing them with personal information.

  1. Other processors of personal data

In most cases, personal data is processed by the administrator himself. The data is forwarded to the controller’s contractual partners for the purpose of payment, delivery and other services related to the execution of the order. These processors may process personal data in accordance with orders. If the user gives explicit consent, personal data can be forwarded to advertising and social networks for the display of customized advertisements on other websites.

Transfer to service providers

Operator AERTON d.o.o. may hire external service providers who, as data processors, perform certain services for the controller, e.g. providers of online services, providers of marketing services, providers of computer services, partners who manage payment systems for payment by payment cards, companies that deliver orders (Pošta Slovenije, DHL…), operators of video surveillance in the store, suppliers of goods or to the service center in case of complaints about goods and services. When performing these services, external service providers may have access to your personal data or process it, but they are obliged to respect the instructions and purposes of the controller and your consent. Based on the user’s consent, the administrator can forward your personal data to advertising and social networks (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…).

We require these third party service providers to implement and use security safeguards that ensure the privacy and security of your personal information in accordance with our instructions.

Other recipients

For the purposes and in the cases determined by the applicable data protection legislation, the controller may forward personal data to law enforcement authorities, state authorities, legal advisors, external advisors or business partners.

International transfers of personal data

Your personal data that we collect or receive may be shared with and processed by users located within or outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”). These include the countries listed at which provide an adequate level of data protection in terms of European data protection legislation. Users in the US are partially covered by the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement and thus are considered to provide an adequate level of data protection from the point of view of European data protection law. Other users may be located in other countries that do not have an adequate level of data protection in terms of European data protection legislation. The controller will take all necessary measures to ensure that transfers outside the EEA are adequately protected as required under applicable data protection legislation. Transfers to countries that do not provide an adequate level of data protection are carried out on the basis of appropriate safeguards, such as standard contractual clauses on data protection adopted by the European Commission or a supervisory authority, approved codes of conduct together with binding and enforceable undertakings by the user or approved certification mechanisms along with binding and enforceable user commitments. You may request a copy of such applicable safeguards by contacting us as set out below (Contact).

  1. 4. User rights

With a written request sent to the address: AERTON d.o.o., Ptujska cesta 6, 2230 Lenart v Slov. goricah or via e-mail to, the user can request access, addition, correction, blocking or restriction of processing or deletion of personal data, objects to the processing of data processed in connection with him and requests data transfer.

The user can revoke the given consent to the processing of personal data at any time, permanently or temporarily, in whole or in part, with a written request sent to the address: AERTON d.o.o., Ptujska cesta 6, 2230 Lenart v Slov. goricah or by e-mail at The cancellation takes effect the next day after its receipt. Revocation of consent does not affect the legality of the processing until it is revoked.

If the user believes that his personal data is being stored or processed in violation of the applicable regulations governing the protection of personal data, he has the right to file a complaint with the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia.

  1. 5. Personal data retention period

The controller will process personal data to the extent necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected and for as long as it is necessary to achieve the pursued goal. Data obtained on the basis of consent will be processed until the consent is revoked.

Personal data is thus processed until the purpose is fulfilled, until consent is revoked, or within the scope of limitation periods for obligations that could arise from the processing of this personal data, especially when the processing of personal data is necessary in the context of the conclusion or performance of a contract, except in cases where the retention period of personal data is mandated by law and therefore they are kept in accordance with the statutory mandate.

We may keep your contact information and information about your interest in our products or services for a longer period of time if you have given your consent for the controller to send you marketing materials. In this case, you can withdraw your consent at any time.

The administrator reserves the right to delete from the databases and records without notice any data that is reasonably suspected to be untrue or false.

  1. 6. Cookies

The website uses cookies for the purpose of offering the best user experience and for other purposes that can be managed by the user through the cookie settings. This section provides details on the use of cookies.

The information that is transferred from the website to your computer’s hard drive is called “cookies”. These are small information files that allow websites to store information about an individual user’s browsing patterns.

Most websites use cookies because they are one of the tools we can use to improve the internet user experience. With the help of cookies, websites provide personally tailored services (for example: save login data to the user account, store products in the basket or show content that might be of interest to the user).

There are temporary cookies (or session cookies) that are deleted when you close the browser and permanent cookies that are not deleted but remain on the device until they are actively deleted or until they expire (this period depends on the cookie duration settings from the website administrator).

Deleting a cookie

Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. You can disable cookies in your browser, but we warn you that by doing so you can also disable functions that the website needs to function properly.

You can read more detailed information about cookies on the website, where information is presented on disabling cookies with browser settings and on deleting cookies on your computer.

Types of cookies

In order to provide the best user experience, the website uses cookies. Each time you access the website, cookies are downloaded and/or accessed:

Strictly necessary cookies (English: Strictly necessary cookies) – These cookies are necessary to navigate the website and use all functions, such as access to secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, we cannot provide you with the requested services, such as making a purchase.

Performance cookies – These cookies collect information about how users use the website, for example, which pages they access most often and whether they encounter error messages on these pages. These cookies do not collect information that could identify the user. All information collected by these cookies is displayed in an aggregated form and is therefore anonymized. They are used only to improve the performance of the website.

Functionality cookies – These cookies allow the website to save your choices (such as name, language or region) and provide you with enhanced, personalized features. The information collected by these cookies is anonymized, so these cookies cannot track your activities while browsing other websites.

Targeting or Advertising cookies – With the help of these cookies, we display advertisements based on the user’s interests. In addition, with their help, we limit the number of impressions of a certain ad and help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. With the express permission of AERTON d.o.o., they are installed by actors of our advertising network. These cookies remember that you have visited the website and share this information with other organizations, e.g. with advertisers. Targeting or advertising cookies are often related to the functionality of the site provided by the other organization concerned.

  1. 7. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The operator may update the privacy policy from time to time in order to align it with changes related to the processing of personal data. The user will be notified of these changes on the website, including their effective date. If the user continues to use the website after the change in the privacy policy, the continued use will mean that he agrees and accepts the changed privacy policy.

  1. 8. Information and exercise of rights

For additional questions regarding the protection of personal data and to exercise your rights, you can contact us: AERTON d.o.o., Ptujska cesta 6, 2230 Lenart v Slov. goricah or by e-mail to

Lenart in Slov. goricah, 01.03.2023

AERTON d.o.o.